Communicate in professional English.

English is the global language of the business but writing to a professional standard can be a headache, particularly if English is not your first language.

This is a big difficulty Polaris solves for clients in the UK and overseas with our copywriting service.

We work with companies and organisations ensuring they present themselves in clear, professional, plain English across their written materials.

Our writing team are experienced professionals, trained and qualified with the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), Britain’s elite training body for journalists.

Our copywriting service covers:

Press releases, articles, newsletters, reports, speeches, brochures, web-copy, adverts, award applications and letters.

We have copywriting clients in Poland, Portugal, the Middle East and India.

Middle East & Arabic

Our team includes an Arabic specialist. This means clients can submit copy in Arabic which we can then translate into English. We can further write press releases and copy in Arabic.