Private Business

We have extensive contacts, knowledge and understanding of how to promote a company.

Our understanding of, and passion for, business is drawn from experiences as entrepreneurs ourselves and from working closely with many business owners. This background means we feel close to business. We appreciate the passion, enthusiasm, commitment and sacrifices which go into running a firm. Polaris understands that PR needs to deliver and it needs to focus on reinforcing a firm’s business plan objectives – driving sales and increasing understanding of who the firm is and what it does.

Services we offer:
  • External press office
  • Targeted national, regional and trade media campaigns
  • Targeted international media campaigns
  • Brand development and strengthening advice
  • Customer targeted newsletters and enewsletters
  • Marketing literature
  • Internal communications
  • Trade show support
  • Social media development
  • Industry award applications
  • Media training
What one of our clients had to say
Polaris is well connected, prolific and passionate about gaining coverage for its clients, which include some true regional heavyweight businesses.
Chris BarryFormer Editor at Business Desk North West