Our exports expertise reflects our entrepreneurial ethos of following an original path.

Expanding overseas, exploring new markets against the advice of naysayers it has to be said, has led to unforgettable and hugely rewarding personal and professional experiences. It is satisfying to prove the doubters wrong and make friends, win business, beef up the contacts book and keep Polaris alive to new experiences and cultures. Exporting recalibrates Polaris’ ability to help our clients with fresh ideas, knowledge, contacts and clients, throwing open the door to opportunities.

In recent years we have travelled regularly and developed knowledge in core markets including: India, the United States, Oman, Poland and Portugal.

The Polaris approach is twofold:

Introductions: We can open doors for businesses and campaigns through our unique overseas contacts network.

Publicity: We can generate publicity overseas helping clients raise awareness and create opportunities.

In terms of ‘introductions’ we can:

Open doors to a wide variety of people who could help your company. The main countries we operate in are India, Oman and the United States. Here we have contacts in business, embassies, chambers of commerce, ex pat business groups and societies.

In terms of generating publicity for exporters we can:

Generate media coverage in English written international trade press. Polaris works with a wide range of exporters in the UK and overseas who want to reach an international business audience regularly. One way of solving that difficulty is by generating publicity in the English written trade media. Much of the global B2B press is produced in the UK and then distributed overseas online and in-print. The maritime press is one example of a trade press that is dominated by English language titles which are read and respected worldwide in key regions like America, Europe, the Gulf and Asia. In a new development we can now offer PR in Arabic press working with Arabic translators experienced in the media relations.

Generate publicity for non-UK firms and organisations in British press

Britain is a very big market, as the fifth biggest economy in the world. That makes Britain a big target for overseas countries seeking investment, partnerships and also wanting to engage the millions of cultured British tourists who love to travel (an estimated 65 million foreign trips are made each year by Britons according to the Office of National Statistics). We work with businesses and organisations outside the UK who want to raise awareness in the UK’s national media, B2B and B2C trade press, and regional press.

Generate publicity in domestic media worldwide

Polaris can further generate publicity in newspapers, magazines and media produced in countries outside the UK. We do this through our media database which contains contacts for publications worldwide. We further develop links with overseas PR firms to help generate press and media relations in specific countries and regions like the United States, India and the Gulf. Generating coverage in domestic press can really help a company to build trust in a new market by explaining aims and objectives, winning hearts and minds, as well as raising awareness.