The Isle of Man Ship Registry


Provide maritime industry specialist PR expertise on long term retained campaign.
Use knowledge of maritime trade press, ability to write technical articles and knowledge of networking in UK and overseas.
Raise awareness in global maritime industry press.
Raise awareness on social media notably Twitter, LinkedIn and WeChat with quality content.
Gain recognition for the ethos of flag – notably its commitment to seafarer welfare and the environment.
Gain recognition for commitment to innovation around green fuels and digitisation.
Raise awareness in Asia and in particular China


  • Generated highest level of coverage the registry has ever received in maritime press with an estimated number of views of 11.5million.
  • Successfully launched the IOMSR ‘Crew Matters’  seafarer welfare app, the first ever launched by a flag state.
  • Helped IOMSR become the first flag state to join the influential Getting to Zero Coalition of leading global maritime organisations leading the decarbonisation agenda.
  • Independently audited research by Experience Media Analysts found all key messages are being consistently communicated on news releases, social media posts, and earned media social mentions.
  • The research found the multi touchpoint approach of the PR campaign of news releases, social media posts, and earned media social mentionsis leading to improving outcomes. Between July 2020 and February 2021, there was a 13% rise in traffic to the IOMSR website over the previous eight month period, and a 14% rise in new visitors to the site. Particularly strong results from organic search (up 29%) were evident; this trend isnormally achieved via earned media news.
  • There was a 73% rise in traffic coming to the site from LinkedInand a 45% rise in traffic coming from Twitter compared with the previous eight-month period
  • Twitter follower growth was up 19%, qualitative metrics such as engagement rate andprofile visits also showed an improving trend.
  • Google Analytics data reveals that hits from Asian markets to the IOMSR site are
    rising – a key objective. There was a 36% rise in traffic from South Korea over the previous eight month period, a 29% rise in traffic from Singapore, a 24% rise from Hong Kong, a 73% rise from India, a 183% rise from the Philippines and a 177% rise from China.
  • Helped registry to network in the UK and overseas notably the United States and China.