Ultimate Boats targets leisure marine market with eco boat building product Danu

Client News

Glasgow boat builder Ultimate Boats is expanding into the leisure marine sector with its new fully recyclable boat building material DANUTM.

Ultimate Boats owner Exotechnologies CEO Shane Mugan says after launching the first fully recyclable work boat for Police Scotland in June the company is focusing on a range of new builds for recreational clients. Mugan says demand for a sustainable alternative to fibreglass boats is growing.

“DANUTM has the potential to tackle the ecological timebomb which sees 250 million kilos of fibreglass and thousands of boats dumped into landfill across Europe each year, many of them leisure craft. We believe we have a solution.”

Mugan said recreational boats being built include craft for 5-star hotels and private owners who want to use the boats for practical purposes and pleasure trips operating up to 20 miles from the coastline. He said the current orders are variations of its M-class model, similar to the one operated by Police Scotland, which is a high-performance 11 metre, 700 HP boat with bespoke design features for the leisure market such luxury materials, beds and fewer seats.

“It’s an exciting time for Ultimate Boats,” he said. “We’re working with KPMG to secure investment to build hundreds of boats a year. We are also looking for a high-end lifestyle brand partner who wants to diversify into the leisure marine market with a sustainable boat. We can white label the boats and provide a springboard into the sector.”

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