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Polaris has recently made a donation to the Battle of the Atlantic Memorial (BOAM) charity from proceeds of managing director Ben Pinnington’s new PR book Making Waves

Polaris has provided pro bono PR services to Liverpool’s BOAM since 2017 creating its logo and building its website while Ben became one of the charity’s  trustees in 2021. Ben said:

“It is important to Polaris that we help raise awareness of the importance of the sea and the bravery of seafarers.
When I was about six my dad took me to meet a merchant navy seafarer Arthur Baker at his home in Hoylake. Arthur, a well known figure locally, told me how he had been sunk twice on the Atlantic. I sat absolutely wide eyed chewing on a chocolate bar as he recalled being hauled into a lifeboat in the dead of night, the sea on fire as his ship disappeared groaning like a giant beneath the waves. I now tell my son and daughter about Arthur and how the BOA was fought on the backs of lionhearted men like him, many of whom did not survive.”

PQ-17 Arctic Convoy June-July 1942. The covering forces of the PQ-17 Convoy (British and American ships) at anchor in the harbor at Hvalfjord Iceland May 1942_ picture Western Approaches Museum

“The BOA saw catastrophic loss of life with 100,000 deaths, in the most terrifying of circumstances but given that it took place in the wilderness of the sea it is not always appreciated like say the Battle of Britain. Nevertheless its positive outcome was a critical factor in winning the war as without it, and American intervention, Britain would have almost certainly capitulated to the Nazi U-Boats unable to arm, feed or fuel itself. And defeat would have meant no supplies for Eastern Front, North Africa and no D-Day.

Today commemorating the BOA matters because it underlines what Mike Gretton a former BOAM chairman, calls the ‘incalculable value of peace on the Atlantic and our oceans’.”

More plans around the BOAM in Liverpool will be unveiled this year ahead of the 80th anniversary of the turning point in the battle in 2023. Visit: https://lnkd.in/dBDsRJt

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