China Classification Society pledges commitment to data driven green supply chains

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China Classification Society (CCS) is throwing its weight behind a new initiative to drive greater data-driven green global logistics supply chains.

CCS made its pledge during one of China’s prime shipping conferences the North Bund Forum in Shanghai where it was one of 15 organisations including COSCO, the International Chamber of Shipping and the World Shipping Council to sign the 2021 Shanghai Initiative.

The initiative’s aim is the restoration of global logistics supply chains hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and greater co-operation in the use of new-generation information technologies including big data, the Internet of Things, block chains and Artificial Intelligence.

The signatories committed to work jointly to drive forward the innovation and application of green, low-carbon technologies and to implement practical measures to cut global greenhouse gas emissions.

They also called for more co-operation in the building of safe, smooth and green global logistics supply chains.

The North Bund Forum was hosted by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and Ministry of Transport and organised by the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, Shanghai Hongkou District, Cosco Shipping and Shanghai International Ports Group. Speakers included the Vice Minister of Transport, People’s Republic of China , the Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government ,  the UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs Liu Zhenmin and the Secretary-General of IMO Kitack Lim.

The event examined the challenges facing the global shipping sector and themes included “Openness and Inclusiveness, Innovation and Reform, and Win-Win Cooperation: Embracing Future Development and Restructuring of the International Shipping ”.


CCS, played a key role at the forum, saying it is “committed to action” which includes building data service sharing platforms and improving the industry’s digital collaboration capabilities.

CCS made its pledge after releasing its 2021 ‘Low-carbon Development Outlook for Shipping’ report, during the forum. CCS also underlined its commitment to working closely with the industry on the development of green, low-carbon shipping.

The in-depth report it issued at the forum analysed the evolution of greenhouse gas emission reduction mechanisms in international shipping and the effects of policies and measures implemented internationally and regionally.

It also looked at existing energy-saving and energy-efficiency technologies and the development of low-carbon and zero-carbon fuel technologies in the marine sector.

And it examined the challenges of low-carbon shipping and the technical development routes needed to see the industry complete its journey to zero carbon.

CCS hosted a ‘Digitalisation and Intelligence’ seminar at the forum presided over by Mo Jianhui, President of CCS, and was attended by representatives from domestic and foreign government agencies and members of the global shipping industry.

Nearly 150 experts and stakeholders came together to exchange opinions, discuss and share ideas and “build consensus” around the opportunities, challenges and counter measures created by new digital intelligent technologies.

Those who attended came from shipping, shipbuilding, ports, maritime management and other related industries.

Mr Jianhui told them that “trust and sharing” were crucial when it came to harnessing the benefits of digitalisation.

He said: “Only when data is applied can it generate value. The whole industry must build a culture of data sharing, based on the principle of avoiding damaging one’s own interests.”

And he added: “CCS will also continue to enhance cooperation, promote development and build data service sharing platforms for the industry.”

He said it would look at the application of shipping data based on blockchains and study security governance mechanisms and sharing regulation standards to help improve the “digital collaboration capabilities” of the industry.

He also told delegates: “CCS will master the new opportunities and new challenges faced by the shipping industry, and work with it to make contributions to green, low-carbon shipping development.”


CCS background

Founded in 1956, China Classification Society (CCS) is headquartered in Beijing and is a full member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).

  • CCS is the world’s fastest growing classification society.
  • Its serviced fleet numbers more than 32,000 vessels exceeding 171.80million GT.
  • Its ship survey business covers large ore carriers, high value-added ships including container ships and liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, and green and intelligent ships. CCS also provides classification services to a vast range of offshore installations and related industrial products.
  • CCS has a worldwide network of 120 sites including new office openings in Abu Dhabi, Manila and St. Petersburg.
  • CCS’ 33,000-plus clients are spread over 166 countries and regions. It holds 55 authorisations by shipping nations or regions in the world including China to perform statutory surveys for the ships flying their flags.

CCS provides classification services to ships, offshore installations and related industrial products by furnishing world-leading technical rules and standards. CCS also provides statutory surveys, impartial and integral classification, verification, certification and accreditation and other services in accordance with international conventions, regulations and the related rules and regulations of the authorizing flag states or regions.

By committing to the mission of “safety, environmental protection and creating value for clients and society”, CCS provides services for a range of industry and fields including shipping, shipbuilding, shipping finance and insurance, marine equipment, ocean resources exploitation, ocean scientific research, industrial supervision, system certification, government policy and rule development, energy saving and emission reduction, risk management and evaluation, and is constantly developing new business areas.

CCS provides 7×24-hour inspection and technical support services for shipowners relying on its global offices. With the efficient service architecture, CCS continuously provides all-round support for survey activities, ship safety and security, and emergency response. Excellent performance has been achieved continuously in the three major Memos, and its fleet size is growing healthily and steadily.

CCS President Mo Jianhui signing Shanghai Initiative at North Bund Forum
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