Safety4Sea makes ‘Making Waves’ book of month

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Thank you to Greek maritime title Safety4Sea for this generous review of Polaris MD Ben Pinnington’s new book Making Waves: PR strategies to transform your maritime business.

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• Organisations that make PR part of their c-suite and strategic direction are more in tune with changes in society and the sector giving them a considerable advantage over those who are not.
• As we are finding with COP26 decarbonisation is changing the world. It is also dragging the maritime industry out of the shadows into the mainstream – as it becomes better known the sector is responsible for carbon emissions equivalent to Germany.
• Communicating more professionally is now one of the biggest challenges facing the industry which has often preferred a low profile.
• Massive innovation is taking place but shipping lines, OEMs, shipyards and the supply chain must tell that story to the sector as well as the public and mainstream media.

Making Waves ?? is available in print ?, kindle ? and audio book? on Amazon Audible and Apple Books with Rethink Press

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