INTERVIEW: Polaris MD tells Rethink Press maritime needs to improve how it communicates

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Rethink Press has interviewed Polaris MD Ben Pinnington about the motivations for writing his new book Making Waves which is published on Amazon this month.

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Some take always:

• PR requires a learning mindset. The industry is constantly evolving. As practitioners we have to keep pace with change – our brief is demanding: strategy, stakeholder engagement, media relations, crisis comms, social media, media spokesman, evaluation and more.
• Making Waves is written to help improve understanding of what PR is in the maritime sector and how best to use it. It draws knowledge from our experience but also across industry from CIPR – Chartered Institute of Public Relations training with thought leaders like Andrew Bruce Smith and Stuart Bruce as well as insight from maritime journalists like Sam Chambers Beth Maundrill Richard Halfhide Paul Bartlett Julian Bray and Nick Savvides
• Maritime is changing. Decarbonisation thrusts the sector into the mainstream. The recent highly critical Black Trail documentary showed the industry is under greater scrutiny and has to take a more professional strategic approach to public relations. Maritime has some of the greatest stories to tell of any industry but it is untenable for major industry players to continue the low profile delusion or undertake ill-prepared media interviews.

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