Polaris Media MD strikes ‘maritime PR’ book deal with Rethink Press

Ben Pinnington, the managing director of maritime specialist public relations firm Polaris Media, has signed a new book deal with leading business publisher Rethink Press.

The deal will see Rethink publish Ben’s forthcoming book titled ‘Making Waves: Public Relations strategies to transform your maritime business’. The book is due out in early summer and will be available in print, on Amazon, kindle and audio book. Ben said 10pc of profits will also be donated to its nominated charities Liverpool Seafarers Centre and the Battle of the Atlantic Memorial.

Ben said the book is aimed at business leaders and marketing professionals in the international maritime industry seeking to ‘raise awareness, win business, build their reputation and handle a crisis’.

“The aim is to share knowledge of more than 20 years working in the media as a journalist, press officer and then running my own PR firm,” he said. “Maritime is not our only sector but it is our biggest and we have been fortunate to gather a very wide range of experiences working for maritime businesses of all types and sizes including ports, classification societies, flag states, charities, lobby groups and events.  We’ve also worked extensively overseas in China, India, Poland and Oman so can offer insight into international PR which is important as maritime is an exports driven industry. Maritime is a fascinating global industry that the world depends on for 90pc of visible trade. However, there is a major PR challenge with the industry needing to promote itself better and combat sea-blindness – public ignorance of the world’s dependence on the sea and the vital role seafarers play in all our lives.”

Polaris MD Ben Pinnington left visiting the Port of Gdansk office in Shanghai in December 2019

Ben said Polaris had chosen to work with Rethink to draw on its expertise as a business book specialist.

“I really want the book to help businesses maximise the benefits of PR and Rethink is helping me shape how to present the messages in the book,” he said. “’Making Waves’ has also been a learning experience for us. We’ve reflected on how PR works in reality and we’ve blended that with reading, consulting leading PR professionals and by undertaking the latest training at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.  It is just so vital to understand the power of PR – it is more than communications gloss, more than an add on to marketing it is a discipline in its own right that should inform the strategic direction of the company. I feel there is so much to learn still in the industry as it  is changing so fast in particular with social media and how it affects areas like crisis management. I also really wanted to reflect on the value of having an inspiring ethos, an authentic higher purpose, how that can be the life source of all communications.”

Lucy McCarraher, Founder Rethink Press said:

‘Rethink Press is delighted to be publishing Ben Pinnington’s book that will be hugely valuable to the maritime industry. We publish the books of entrepreneurs, experts and business owners who often work in a niche market, so our titles are aimed at a broad range of readers. The maritime industry is a new market for us and we believe that Making Waves will really open the eyes of many businesses to the opportunities of positioning and presenting themselves in a dynamic and positive way.’

To reserve a copy email: news@polarismedia.co.uk

Polaris background

Polaris was founded on Merseyside in 2011 and operates mainly in the maritime, engineering, manufacturing, energy and construction industries. Maritime has become its biggest sector with clients across the UK while exports markets include China, India, Oman and Poland.

Polaris provides a range of marketing services to help businesses win work and create opportunities including publicity and social media campaigns, trade fair and business development support, brand building, websites and creative design and film and photography.

Polaris MD Ben Pinnington sits on the CBI North West Regional Council, the Society of Maritime Industries Digitisation and Commercial Marine Group Committees and the Battle of the Atlantic Memorial board.

In March 2020 Polaris, which has offices in Liverpool and Manchester, won the Maritime Professional Services Business of the Year Award at the Mersey Maritime Industry Awards.

Visit: www.polarismedia.co.uk


Rethink Press background

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