Vlog from Singapore: How best to approach a marketing plan

Watch Vlog from Singapore last year with Polaris managing director Ben Pinnington

How do you approach marketing? This is the question we are probably asked most at Polaris with some businesses struggling to know where to start with little or no in-house expertise. We’ve been advising a number of new clients in the maritime and engineering sectors this month on how to build a marketing campaign. Here’s some thoughts of mine from Singapore’s sensational Raffles Hotel, a modern day master of marketing, when we visited last year promoting a delegation from the Port of Gdansk.

* Dovetail your marketing plan with your business plan objectives
* Develop an inspiring ethos and bold message in your brand. Being ‘trusted’ and ‘reliable’ won’t help you stand out from the crowd. You need character and texture not an idealised perfected image of yourself.
* Use different channels the abundant and vibrant maritime media, social media, film, brochures, trade fairs, awards.
* Inspire with your mountain of value – your unique story. Your achievements and adversity overcome.
* Bring joy to your marketing. If you go through the motions you risk looking burned out and lacking genuine enthusiasm and love for your industry.