VLOG: Catching tradewind trends out of lockdown doldrums

PICTURED: The Yara Birkeland  will be the world’s first fully electric and autonomous container ship, with zero emissions

Watch ‘Catching tradewind trends’ VLOG from Polaris managing director Ben Pinnington, pictured left

Some highlighted points:

As we emerge from lockdown businesses will be searching for trends to recalibrate their operations. In today’s vlog we look at some trends we are seeing at Polaris – but there is a twist. Trends we are observing include: baby boomer businesses coming up for sale and the revolution in maritime as shipping enters one of the great periods of change evolving from motorised ships to electric ships twinned with the digitisation agenda.

However, a trend is just trend and without marketing assets it is like a boat without a sail trying to catch a tradewind. To capture a trend we advise adapting your marketing to raise awareness of your expertise.

Looking at businesses like Tesla they create a wealth of materials for prospective customers to immerse themselves in promoting their USPs. We advise a similar approach: publicity in international trade press, national and regional media, thought leadership on social media – detailing how your business is evolving to industry changes and how you can help your clients and customers now and in the future adapt to trends like electric ships and digitisation. This messaging can be spread across marketing materials, brochures, newsletters, company film, your website, client testimonials and case studies.

Once you have established your expertise and credibility in these areas you are in prime position to catch that tradewind.