Our vision:

To be recognised as an industry leader for our experience, expertise, passion and ability to deliver.

Our mission statement:

Polaris works to deliver high profile, commercially astute campaigns which drive our clients’ growth and profitability and improves their reputation. We work as a supportive team with passion, energy, enthusiasm and dedication. We are committed to self-improvement, striving for excellence in all we do. We work to support job and wealth creation in our region.

Our values:

Passion for Clients

We work to be an extension to our clients’ teams, building trust and understanding of how they work. We reinforce our clients’ growth objectives and we communicate their service, product or message with passion and conviction. We are dedicated to our clients and committed to providing the highest standards of service.

Passion for PR

We are passionate about our industry. We enjoy, and have a keen interest in, the media and marketing communications. We follow news and current affairs closely. We work hard to ensure our skills are constantly improved and match the demands of the modern media. We relish driving high profile campaigns.

Passion for Polaris

We are an ambitious, dynamic and progressive firm keen to grow and embrace advances in communications. We work as a team to support and develop each other and grow the long term stability and profitability of Polaris.

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